Premium Vape Refill
THC Oil Blue Raspberry

$65.00 $55.00

Premium THC Distillate Oil Vape Refill Cartridge

  • Flavour : Blue Raspberry
  • Strain : THC Distillate
  • Volume : 0.5 ml
  • Pre-filled with improved, pure & flavourful Oil
  • This cartridge fits all vape pen sold from our site

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THC Oil. Premium Vape Refills Blue Raspberry

Product Information :
THC Oil. Premium Vape Refills Blue Cartridge. Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry

Package including the following items together with :

( This Package does not including Vape Pen. See Our Vape Pen Lists )

  • 0.5 ml of Premium THC Distillate Oil Blue Raspberry x 1CBD Oil
  • Cannabis Oil Blue Box ( Silver Box shown in the Picture is not included )
Vape Pen Operating Instructions :

Touch sensor control New & improved operation! Variable voltages

  • Charge : Attach USB to Vape Pen and attach to any USB source to charge 
  • Turn on : Press on/off button 5 times to turn on THC Oil
  • While Inhaling : Press & hold while inhaling
  • Turn Off : Press on/off button 5 times to turn off/on
  • Adjust Voltage : Press on/off button 3 times to adjust voltage
LED light indicate voltage settings : 
  • Green indicates the lowest voltage.
  • Blue indicates medium voltage. It provides a balanced hit to the user.
  • Red indicates the highest voltage level. It creates the most vapor. THC Oil
  • We provide top quality products, and Premium CBD Oil Vape and CBD Oil, THC E Juice Blue Raspberry is one of the purest CBD Oil which you can find from the market
  • THC Blue Raspberry provides the best tasting and natural flavour to enhance your vape experience. 
  • Our premium Vape Pen package, which comes with a beautiful package box, and you can choose to have a full size box like the black one or a compact size box like the silver one. THC Oil
  • With Xpress Post Shipping, you can get it within 3 days, or even same day in some areas.
  • Easy Pay with Email, find out more about how to pay with email
In Additions :
  • This Cartridge will fit with all the Vape pens sold from within our website
  • Furthermore, looking for more products ? please visit our shop page

THC Oil. Premium Vape Refills Blue Raspberry

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5 Alive, Blue RAZ, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Strawberry, CO2 Oil Hybrid, CO2 Oil Sativa


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Premium Vape Refill
THC Oil Blue Raspberry”

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